Boxer v.1

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Our boxer trunks are engineered to protect those all-important balls (your manhood and your legacy). Trust our softest materials to combat odors, and keep you cool and comfortable all at the same time. By safeguarding your balls against harmful electromagnetic radiation, you're future-proofing your legacy. 

Crafted with a blend of materials for ultimate protection, these trunks are ready to help your balls breathe a sigh of relief. With so much protection and comfort, you'll be ready to take on the world - literally! 

Size: M
Color: Black Silver
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EMF protection - blocks 99% radiation from 3G-5G, Wi-Fi and bluetooth devices (equivalent to industrial standards)





After testing different combinations of materials during our R&D, we have found that this one is the most effective in shielding EMFs and at the same time does not sacrifice on comfort and breathability.

Main fabric: 70% modal | 30% silverfiber

Waistband: 70% polyamide | 30% spandex

Crotch area (added as an extra layer under the main fabric): 95% cotton | 5% spandex

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Care Guide

Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

Washing max 40°C.

Tumble dry cool.

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Is EMF radiation exposure a cause for concern?

Hold on tight, because this EMF revelation is gonna blow your mind! Turns out, laptops and phones are some serious EMF radiation emitters, especially on the high end of the scale. It's like they have a mischievous streak! And when we cuddle up with them, it's like a one-on-one dance with EMFs. Research is buzzing about the health risks involved. Let's amp up our safety game and add the extra layer of protection we all need!

to better health
to better health
to better health


we handed out our boxers to a bunch of folks and here's what they had to say!